So you wrote a book, huh? What's it called?

Unstoppable Moses.


When did it come out?

September 25th, 2018.


Can I give you my hard-earned money for this thing you wrote?

You can! It's available now. Check out Indie Bound--they'll tell you which local bookstores around you carry it. There's more info on the Book page.

I think the English language is super ugly, but I want to read your book. What do you recommend?

Good news, it’ll be out in Hungarian in 2019.


Is Unstoppable Moses your first book?

It's the first one that's getting published.


Are the ones you wrote before Unstoppable Moses going to be published?

Some of them, maybe someday? The others, god willing, will not.


Is your book religious? It's got religious stuff in the title.

Ehh, not really, no.


What about swearing? Is there swearing in your book?




It's definitely there, but I don't think it feels vulgar


But like, is that a lot?

If you're a Puritan, you're probably going to feel the need to "keep me in your prayers."


What about sex stuff?

Sex stuff, um. Not...really? There are some references to sex.


You sounded biased. About the whole, "Where I can get the book," thing.

I used to work at a book store.  That doesn't change the fact that buying local helps authors the most, as well as supports an important business whose entire goal is to foster creativity, critical thinking, and literacy.


I heard you still use AOL. Why is the email on your contact page a gmail account, you foul-mouthed liar?

Because apparently I'm the type of person who uses slow-moving and outdated technology exclusively for his official business correspondence.


Who is your agent?

The indefatigable badass Molly Ker Hawn, of the Bent Agency.


Who is your editor?

The indefatigable badass Sarah Barley at Flatiron / Macmillan.


Why is your cover so cool?

Because it was designed by the magnificently talented Keith Hayes.


Who made that handsome deer with the cool haircut on your homepage?

That would be Paul Zuber. When he's not drawing handsome deer, he's got a sci-fi / adventure webcomic called Percheron. Also a Patreon.